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Cabinet Painting

We Provide Stunning Cabinet Painting Montgomery County PA Residents Look For

Kitchen cabinet painting is another skill and service that is offered here at Sinn Painting.  Cabinet painting involves quite a few steps and we provide meticulous detail to each step.  Because of our skilled work, expertise and friendly services Sinn Painting is the top choice for cabinet painting Montgomery County PA residents prefer.  

We know that oftentimes in Montgomery County homes, the kitchen is the center of the home.  It is where families often spend most of their time together.  It is also one of the rooms that gets the most wear and tear, and the cabinets can become scratched, dented or chipped.  These superficial marks can make a relatively new kitchen feel and look like an old one.  Replacing an entire set of kitchen cabinets can be extremely costly, with prices going all the way up into the tens of thousands of dollars.  An excellent paint job, done correctly, can make old kitchen cabinets glisten like new ones, making it appear like you have a brand new kitchen.  That is our goal at Sinn Painting; to recreate the kitchen of your dreams through our top notch paint jobs, without you having to break the bank to do so.

One of the first steps of successful cabinet painting is removing the cabinet doors, door hinges and knobs from the cabinets.  This requires carefully handling all parts of the cabinet, as well as organizing all the parts so that when the work is finished, the cabinets are reassembled correctly.  At Sinn Painting, we have this organizational process down to a tee, ensuring that our cabinet painting Montgomery County residents boast about is a smooth, flawless process.  For larger kitchens with twenty or more cabinets it is easy to become overwhelmed and lose your way quickly in the midst of all the parts of the cabinets.  That is why Sinn Painting uses labeling techniques to ensure that the cabinet pieces are well taken care of and placed back correctly.  We will be sure to take excellent care of your kitchen floor as well, being sure not to scratch any walls or floor, just as we would take care of all other parts of your house with any other painting job.  

Just as we have mastered the process of removing all cabinet knobs, hinges and doors from the cabinets by properly labeling and organizing them, we have a method of painting that has a proven record of success.  After the complete removal of the kitchen cabinet doors, hinges and knobs, Sinn Painting carefully cleans and removes the grease from the kitchen cabinets.  Prep work is key for any successful paint job!  This is a crucial step that we take a lot of time on for our kitchen cabinet painting  Montgomery CountyPA residents want.  If this step is not done properly, the paint will not hold as well and the cabinets will look like they have globs of paint, as opposed to a beautiful, glistening shine to them.  Kitchen cabinets can have tons of hidden grease on them that must be removed prior to any primer.  Sinn Painting takes the time with this important step to excel in painting kitchen cabinets Montgomery County PA residents enjoy.

Once the cabinets are properly cleaned, we use our sanding techniques to sand the parts of the cabinets so that the primer adheres to the surface of the cabinet.  Our next step is to get all the white dust off with a tap cloth.  Everything is now perfectly cleaned and ready to be primed!  Sinn Painting uses high quality primers that are ensured to stick to the surface.  We use a mini roller for all large flat surfaces of the cabinets.  Any areas that we can’t get with the mini roller, we carefully brush to ensure a clean, crisp look.  

We follow up our excellent priming with two coats of paint. We use a top coat and because of our strong priming, we get coverage after the first layer.  We use the highest quality paints so we get a lot of coverage on the first coat.  Our painting is done meticulously, with excellent equipment and skills ensuring your painting does not miss any spots and has a smooth flow to it.  Once the cabinets have had ample time to dry, we begin the process of putting them back together.  We do this methodically and carefully, making sure all pieces go where they belong, nothing is loose and everything works as it should.  While we are doing this, we will also take care of all your home’s belongings, ensuring nothing gets damaged in the process.  Once the kitchen cabinets are completely reassembled Sinn Painting is happy to  present you with your brand new kitchen!

We Provide The Most Responsible Painting Bucks County Has Ever Seen

From our dismantling of the kitchen cabinets, to the cleaning, priming painting and reassembling of the cabinets, Sinn Painting has mastered this entire process.  Each step requires careful attention to details, patience and skill, all of which we pride ourselves on here at Sinn Painting. Our techniques and paint are of the highest quality, and we always use one base coat, two top coats,  and a durable finish to create the most stunning painted cabinets you’ve ever seen!

We are also able to help you choose new or different colors for your kitchen cabinets than what you may have now that can match well with your current kitchen.  We have a large selection of paint brands and colors and our expertise can help you pick out the paint that is exactly right for you and the new look you want.

Because of the mastery of all the steps of this process, Sinn Painting is happy to provide the job of cabinet painting Bucks County Residents want to bring their kitchens back to life. Don’t let the banged and dinged cabinets make your lovely kitchen feel old.  Replacing the cabinets is not always necessary either.  An excellent paint job can accomplish the same goal at much less cost.  Sometimes homeowners may consider cabinet painting a do it yourself task!  Leave the work to us, and you will be pleased to have a brand new looking kitchen, without breaking the bank!

We look forward to fulfilling your cabinet painting needs! Call or Text us at 215-368-9811 today!