Celebrating Our 30th Year!

Providence Greene

Sinn Painting has been hired by your home owners association to paint your front doors the color Naval. We are committed to making this process as seamless as possible. 

We will be starting on July 27th and be there approximately 2 weeks.

The items below will help in making this a smooth process, also for your convenience please use the calendar below to schedule your appointment.

—  You door will have to be opened to be painted.
—  We will need about 90 minutes to paint your door.
—  Your door will be able to be closed shortly after we finish it.
—  If it is raining or has rained on the date of your painting, you will need to schedule another date.
— Door locks and hardware can be changed at $50.00 each.  If drilling is required, a price can be given prior to starting new installation.
We will be complying with state mandate for Covid-19 and will be wearing masks and adhering to social distancing guidelines for your safety and that of our team members.
Our intent is to work within this schedule.
July 27th-July 29th addresses 2001-2024 & 4001-4021
July 30th-Aug 1st addresses 1001-1030 & 3001-3018
August 3rd-August 5th addresses 1031-1053 & 3019-3035
Aug 6th-8th addresses 2047-2025 & 4033-4022
August 10th–Windsong Ct, Rose Ct.
Please email us with any questions –  Sinnpainting@gmail.com
Andrew Sinn – Sinn Painting Inc.